SCRUBBIS Hull Scraper Set

Stock Code: 41210

Easily remove soft fouling and young barnacles from the hull while the boat is in the water. Scrubbis is a hull cleaning system that saves you having to haul your boat out to get your hull cleaned. Whatever antifoul you use it will get growth and that damages the antifoul, slows your yacht down, reduces her pointing ability and uses more fuel. Scrubbis is an angled pole with a buoyant cleaning head. It’s a simple idea; the buoyant head holds itself against the hull and as you pull it up it scrapes weeds and soft barnacles off. On the same head you have a choice of soft flexible scraper or hard blade and a 30-35 foot yacht can be cleaned in about 20 minutes a few times in a season.
The set includes:
1. Cleaning head
2. Telescopic handle
3. Extension pole
4. Curved attachment piece
● Flexible scraper
● Hard scraper blade
● Handle extends from 1.1m to 3.2m
● 40cm scraper head gives 2kg of buoyancy

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