NOCO Genius Chargers

NOCO designed their chargers well— to be more genius. Improved charging with more performance and more automation than ever before. An advanced architecture for incredibly compact size and unprecedented power.
Completely Automatic: Provides all-season, all-weather charging for a healthy battery. Leave plugged in 24/7 with no worries of overcharging.
Charge Dead Batteries: From partially drained batteries to completely dead batteries, NOCO changed everything. An improved start-voltage sensor now detects dead batteries as low as 1 volt.
Charge Down To Zero Volts: Force Mode allows manual charging for extreme dead batteries - all the way down to zero volts.
Multi-Voltage: 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid batteries.
Chemistries: Flooded, gel, maintenance free and AGM batteries.
Types: Starter, deep-cycle, marine, powersport and more.
Supply Mode: Reprogram ECUs, maintain power, or unequalize batteries.
Repair Mode: Recover old and damaged batteries within a 9 step charging profile batteries.
Lithium Mode: Lithium-ion batteries, including iron phosphate.
Thermal Compensation: Optimized for any climate
Smart Diagnostic Indicators: Bringing batteries back to life and auto desulfation.
Safety against: Short Circuit, Open-Circuit, Overheating, Overcharge, Spark-Proof, Reverse Polarity



Model    Genius 1  Genius 2 Genius 2D   Genius 5 Genius 10 Genius G15000 Genius G25000
Product Code 37402 37407 37408 37411 37416 37419 37420
Charging 1amp 2amp 2amp 5amp 10amp 15amp 25amp
12v Battery 30ah 40ah 40ah 120ah 230ah 400ah 500ah
Output Power 15w 30w 28w 75w 150w 225w 375w
6v Charge Mode Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lithium Charger Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repair Mode No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
12v Supply No No No


Yes Yes Yes

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