Restube Case Set 1

Stock Code: 14340

For First Responders In Water Rescue Operations.
The Restube Case 1 provides optimal support in rescuing other people in water operations. It contains 4 x Restube Automatic which automatically inflate into a Restube buoy when they hit the water. Restube Automatic can be thrown to a person in the water from a safe distance and offers helpful buoyancy in a few seconds, to gain valuable time - ideal for first responders. Including interchangeable components for up to 6 releases.

4x Restube Automatic
6x CO2 cartridge (16g)
6 x Water Activator
1x Transport case (Dust and Waterproof, IP67)

Dimensions: 26cm x 24cm x 12cm
Weight: 2.45 kg
Incl. 3-year warranty

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