Pilot MultiGas System - Two LPG & Solenoid Valve 12V

Stock Code: 33112

The Pilot MultiGas System is supplied here with two LPG/gas detectors and an electronic switch to a remote, solenoid valve to open the gas supply. The valve draws 185 milliamps (12V) when open but does not draw current when closed. The LPG/gas detection sensors should be fitted in a dry place low in the boat and are fitted to 3.5 metre lengths of 3-core cable. The unit can accommodate a third detector which may either be a CO/ carbon monoxide or additional LPG detector. The unit can be powered from a 12V or 24V supply but the ¼” solenoid must be of the correct voltage.
33112 - MultiGas LPG & Valve - 12v 33112.1 - MultiGas & Valve - 24v

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