WD40 300ml Smart Straw x 6's only

Stock Code: 49612

The can with thousands of uses, WD-40 protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture, and lubricates just about anything. WD-40 is also great when it comes to removing grease, grime, rust, and other marks from most surfaces. Available in 3 sizes, two with Smart Straw.

WD-40’s lubricating ingredients are widely dispersed and hold firmly to all moving
parts. REMOVES: WD-40 gets under grease, grime, and gunk. WD-40 non-
aerosol formulas also dissolve adhesives, allowing easy removal of labels,
tape, stickers, and excess bonding material.
WD-40 protects metal surfaces with corrosion-resistant ingredients to shield
against moisture and other corrosive elements.
WD-40 loosens rustto-metal bonds and frees stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts.
DISPLACES MOISTURE: Because WD-40 displaces moisture, it quickly dries out
electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits. WD-40 Smart
Straw Sprays 2 Ways Smart Straw features a permanently attached straw that
sprays two ways. Simply flip it up for a precision stream and down for a
regular spray action. Never lose the straw again.

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