Capt Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure - 60ml

Stock Code: 49200

A one-part water-based, acrylic co-polymer penetrating sealant. It’s a totally different approach to finding and fixing leaks.
The sealant, being thinner than water, finds its way right into hairline cracks and joints where other sealants cannot reach.
The rapid absorption of the sealant into a surface indicates the source of a leak. Conventional sealants cannot possibly do this.
Quick and easy to apply As the sealant can penetrate deep into structures, there is no need to take items apart or put them back together again.
● Water based, and non-toxic so can be applied to damp cracks
● Works with most materials.
● Cures within 24 hours
● Accommodates movement when dry
It’s very effective for fixing leaking windows, porthole surrounds, portlights, decks, coach roofs and centreboard casings. And it’s ideal for sealing around stressed items such as deck fittings.
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