StingRay AIRO Hydrofoil, 2-Piece, Drill Installation, Black

Stock Code: 44070

The StingRay AIRO Hydrofoil is an affordable, versatile, 2-piece hydrofoil capable of fitting outboard engine sizes as small as 4HP found on inflatables, smaller tenders while still benefiting larger engines up to 350HP.

Its simple two-part design requires four drill holes in the cavitation plate.

Engines 4HP upwards
Average Lift

● Gets boats on plane quicker
● Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds
● Improves stabilisation
● Saves fuel
● Increases visibility at lower speeds

How it works
Hydrofoils work by utilizing the principles of fluid dynamics to generate lift and reduce drag. They consist of a wing-like structure called a foil fixed to the outboard cavitation plate or sterndrive which is submerged underwater. As water flows over the foil, it generates lift, allowing the hydrofoil to rise, leveling the boat, getting it on plane and gliding it smoothly through the water.

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