StingRay XR4 Senior Hydrofoil, No Drill, Black

Stock Code: 44098

The StingRay XR4 Hydrofoil is designed to provide maximum lift, blast ing the boat out of the hole quicker than ever before, and keeping it on plane at lower speeds – leading to significant fuel savings!

Porpoising, chinewalking, cavitation, and ventilation are reduced or eliminated – stabilizing the boat and providing a safer and more comfortable ride.

For boats pulling tubers, skiers, or wakeboarders the StingRay XR4 Hydrofoil helps pull them up quicker, smooths out the wake for more enjoyable towing, and increases driver visibility by getting the bow of the boat down quicker.

Heavy runabouts and ocean-going center-consoles can benefit from the maximum lift provided by the StingRay XR4 Hydrofoil. The downturned wings pack water tightly around the prop, making this an ideal solution for boats experiencing cavitation.
The 2-Bolt Installation method is the industry’s most secure and easiest installation giving you confidence and peace of mind while on the water.
Engineered with the very latest in hydrofoil technology, the StingRay XR4 Hydrofoil provides top-notch performance enhancement, next-generation styling, and pays for itself in fuel savings – making this one of the best performance accessories you can add to your boat!

Fits Most Outboards and Sterndrives
Engines 40-300HP
Maximum lift

● Gets boats on plane quicker
● Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds
● Improves stabilisation
● Saves fuel
● Increases visibility at lower speeds
● Reduces chine walking, porpoising, cavitation, and ventilation.
● Recommended for all types of boats.

Two Drill & Bolt Installation

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