StingRay StarFire Hydrofoil, No/Optional Drill, Black

Stock Code: 44090

The StingRay StarFire is engineered to maximize top-end speed by inverting its trailing edge to reduce drag and extending its wing tips to enhance stabilization while on plane.

Fits Most Outboards and Sterndrives
Engines 40-300HP
Moderate lift

•Gets boats on plane quicker
•Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds
•Improves stabilisation
•Saves fuel
•Increases visibility at lower speeds
•Reduces chine walking, porpoising, cavitation, and ventilation.
•Recommended for all types of boats.

The Starfire features No Drill or 2 Drill & Bolt installation

Two Drill & Bolt Installation
Slide the unit onto the cavity plate and drill & bolt in place.

No Drill Installation
This can be accomplished in two ways. The one-piece hydrofoil slides onto the cavitation plate and screws set within the unit engage the edge of the plate. Alternatively, the hydrofoil can be held in place by removing and refixing the anode or torque tab with the unit inserted between.

How it works
Hydrofoils work by utilizing the principles of fluid dynamics to generate lift and reduce drag. They consist of a wing-like structure called a foil fixed to the outboard cavitation plate or sterndrive which is submerged underwater. As water flows over the foil, it generates lift, allowing the hydrofoil to rise, levelling the boat, getting it on plane and gliding it smoothly through the water.

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